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About us

The Golden Pigs are a fun gift for savers and home design accessory lovers of all ages!

Choose between the Chalk, Gold and Space Collections.

100% Handmade, these cute and colourful pigs are made of clay and do not have the traditional money hole on the back as in other traditional piggy banks. They feature a quirky cork nose that also serves as the opening - giving easy access to your savings. This also serves as another teaching tool for your children - money education, but also pursuing their small goals, one by one. 


Since they come in more then 14 colours, there is a Chalk pig to match your every mood. They are also decorative accessories to whatever room they end up living in. They also come with 4 pcs of coloured chalk so that you can doodle and write on the piggy bank itself. Write a motivational quote, label the pig with your savings goal or quickly jot down your bank’s running balance. Anything Goes!


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